Tuesday, February 19, 2008

grabadate hangover and photos

It is pretty damn safe to say that the lucky grabaseaters, who came to P A R T Y at grabadate Wellywood on Saturday, had an absolute blast.

The Establishment was decked out with grabadate posters (which some people managed to snaffle), lime green balloons and a starry starry night photo backdrop, lovely. Lime green wristbands helped identify who was "up for it" (apparently green ribbon on your left arm means you are single) and porn star nametags gave an insight into people's mood on the night. The scrummy (and rather potent) 42 Below "Passionate Cosmopolitan" welcome cocktail and substantial grabaseat bar tab certainly helped the conversations flow.

Thanks for getting stuck into the games on the night. Congrats to the winners of Worst Pick-Up Line and People Bingo (AJ, you are a freakin legend) and our two Hotties of the Night. Thanks must also go to Lauren for fulfilling our ginga quota for the night, we love you Fanta Pants.

Now I know you didn't come to the read my dribble, so here are the photos:

You can see them in all their glory at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23610273@N06/sets/72157603926433397/

It was cool to meet you all. See you on the flipside.
Laters, Fun Boy (aka Sunil)

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